Tools for Estimating Your Remodel

Tools for Estimating Your Remodel

We recently took at look at a bunch of online tools that can help you get a rough idea on remodeling costs. The important part is that you must remember that any online tools for estimating remodel work is just that – a rough idea. To get a solid estimate, you need a professional to measure the space, help you pick materials, check the condition of your home, and discuss what you really want from the space. Also, where you are in the country can make a big difference in what the costs are, so keep that in mind.

Using information from their own website, Houzz.com lets you enter in your zip code and then select room to see what the average cost is for remodeling that room. This gives you the quickest estimate you can find, but since it does not take into account he various sizes of a room, you may get scared off by seeing the average kitchen in your area costs $29,000 to remodel, when in fact, yours may only take 1/3 that much.


We cannot recommend the use of this site. It’s designed not to help you get a rough estimate, instead it’s designed to be a lead generator for contractors. Once you use this site, your phone will blow up from salesmen calling you. That’s not helpful when you’re just trying to get an idea on the costs.

Those are the three best, fastest ones we found. Remember, these cannot give you an accurate estimate. But you can get an idea if you are in a position to dig deeper and have someone come over to the house and take a closer look.

And of course, if you would like a free estimate, please call us at (303) 257-2061 and we’ll schedule a time with you.

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